About Us

Ablecross Care Services is a client-focused, specialist domiciliary care company and a temporary employment agency, providing a wide variety of support services nationwide. Be it for private service users or those referred through social services or to supply healthcare staff to care homes and hospitals. Ablecross Care Services is proud to offer unbiased, economical healthcare services.

Everything about Ablecross Care Services stands for quality, whether it's the service we provide or the staff we employ, we want to make sure that our staff can offer the very best service in their work, no matter how small the task.
In order to do this, we look at every detail and make sure we perform it to the highest level. From assisting with personal care, cleaning and cooking to more sensitive roles working with dementia patients, our staff are consistently professional, friendly and efficient.

We aim to provide you with the same standard of care that we would expect for our own families. This means valuing each person's unique qualities and seeing them as an individual, not as a list of care needs.
We work alongside families and individuals to tailor our services to help our customers stay in control of their own care for as long as they are able to.
Our services are delivered by - Compassionate Carers - Trained Support Workers - Skilful Assistants In today's multi-ethnic and culturally diverse world, we welcome service users from all walks of life. Ablecross Care Services encourages those of varying backgrounds to get in touch, whether it concerns simple companionship or more complex personal care needs.

Our Care Team: Starting with your initial enquiry, right through to the delivery of care, our care team offers support at every step of the way. Whether it is advice, organisation or interactive care package options, we customise and adapt our services according to your needs.

Ablecross Care Services will provide staff to meet your language requirements, as well as ensuring the worker is a suitable match for you. We respect your independence and guarantee that access to all services is appropriate and suited to your requirements. Furthermore, we hope to encourage your loved ones to be involved with your care, without compromising on the quality of care.

What we believe in:
Our passion is in creating environments for individuals to reach their highest potential. Working gradually to overcome emotional and behavioural complications and achieve the best possible outcomes.

Our core principles:
• The civil and human rights of those in our care.
• Working collaboratively with you to develop unconventional solutions to conflicts or complications.
• Applying non-prejudicial methods and celebrating individual differences.
• Providing detailed and regularly examined care plans for you.
• The provision of appropriate support and stimulation through carefully monitored, reasonable risk- taking to enable independence.
• Offering a 24-hour service to you, your family, and Social Services.
• Ensuring the highest possible standard of staff recruitment and selection.
• Encouraging training and development that enables staff to develop their professional and care skills.
• Providing an atmosphere of mutual respect between you and our staff, upholding the dignity of the individual.

Our services are regulated by The Care Quality Commission and all of our staff are trained above the minimum standards and are 'police (DBS) checked'.